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Allow Cross-Origin API Requests

Web browsers do not allow websites to make cross-origin requests (requests from one domain to another) unless the target website explicitly allows these types of requests.

As a result, if you intend for the REST API on your WordPress site to be publicly available for others to use, you will need to allow cross-origin requests. You can be explicit and only allow requests from a specific domain, or you can allow requests from any domain.

This is how you’d allow it for any external domain:


add_action( 'rest_api_init', function() {
	remove_filter( 'rest_pre_serve_request', 'rest_send_cors_headers' );
	add_filter( 'rest_pre_serve_request', function( $value ) {
		header( 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *' );
		header( 'Access-Control-Allow-Methods: POST, GET, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE' );
		header( 'Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true' );

		return $value;
}, 12 );

To make this specific to a particular domain, just replace the * with the domain.


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